Tzee Wai Kuen

   The Tzee Wai Kuen system is one of the most sophisticated procedures for self defense and offensive  Tzee Wai Kuen is based on physics,pressure points and how to apply these techniques in a  defensiveposture within the human  body.  Tzee Wai Kuen teaches the student to recognize aggression  and  defuse this  behavior.  The  techniques that are used in Tzee Wai Kuen are base on techniques,  that  were  developed  thousands  of  years ago by the ancient Chinese philosophers  and Buddhist monks  observed   the,  birds, insects,  and  fish to see how they reacted  to the various types aggression, and  situations  This  created a  series of  defense  moves to counter aggressive actions.

   In this development  Tzee  Wai Kuen was  broadened, and as the system progress  other  movements  were incorporated. In  the process new  techniques were employed  and new  movements employing  natural farm  implements  such as the staff,  sickle,  hoe and other farm  tools.  Farm equipment that were  use in  the daily work  separate chaff from rice,  barley, corn,  wheat.  These farm implements were used  as  a defensive tools  against acts of aggression, as  the  various systems were developed. They began  to incorporate armaments and implements  of the  military as well. Thru the years of training  the  various  systems were developed, and the  procedures were given names.To define this  methodology,  the  procedure was to identify with  the  masters who taught the various concepts ,as  these  methods were  develop their were  given names that identified with the style, example  Dragon , Eagle,  Eagle Claw ,  Tiger,  Mantis [Eighteen Branches,] Bear, Snake , Harmonious Fist, the order of the Red  Turban, the  order of the  Purple Turban, White Eye Brow, White Crane, Monkey, Tzee Wai Kuen, Yin  Yang, White Lotus, these are  but a few of the styles of the Chinese Martial arts that were developed in  China and the providences as  well as the surrounding areas of China. An as the styles developed other  countries were developing their  own systematization as well.         

Available Instructors:
Grand Master Agrella
Professor Ping Chi
Soke Dai Kuo Tzü-i

Master Paul Thomas
Master Mopen

Instructor Anthony Bernardo
Instructor Kevin Parsakia

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